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Jinn Ruey Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 in Changhua County Industrial Park for professional aluminum cold, hot forging company, we have advanced and professional aluminum alloy forging technology and team, to provide domestic and foreign customers forging service.
In recent years, we have successfully forged products for the domestic industry at all levels of manufacturing all kinds of types of aluminum alloy, including automobile and motorcycle parts, bicycle parts and aluminum alloy parts related products are have a good evaluation of the customer.

We provide customers with high quality and high reliability, and competitive price, order in response to the rapid changes in the market as well as the various needs of the customers, our company gradually increase the professional level, computerized, large machinery and equipment capacity to meet customer demand for the product production.

Jinn Ruey Industrial Co., Ltd. is to strive to perfect the quality standards th... [more]
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